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"The photographs that Ms. Roessler takes are wonderful. They are natural. Ms. Roessler takes a subject whether it be a mountain or a child playing and makes you feel that you are in the photo with them. She has high quality work." — Leslie Nour

"My daughter and I had a great time during the photo shoot. Stacey was very professional. She made sure that the baby got the rest that she needs so she was able to take some great shots of her. Time really didnt matter to Stacey because getting the perfect shot is what's most important to her. I will definetly recommend Roessler Photography." — Marjorie Abraham

"Stacey did an excellent job of capturing fun, joy, laughter and playfullness in a completely natural setting. Her photos brought absolutely precious moments with my little ones to life! Every time I look at her pictures of me hugging and kissing and giggling with my kids, I feel like such a great mom. She gave me a precious gift! Her pictures were perfect to share with my out-of-town family too. They were such incredible quality that they captured some amazing expressions on my kid's faces. They made my family feel connected. Stacey's awesome!" — Jenny Angell

"Stacey is willing to work to get the shots you want. She was very patient with our two year old who wasn't at all interested in posing for pictures. She was willing to wait for him 'to perform' and got several very cute shots of him just being himself." —Jennifer Spinden

"Stacey excels at capturing candid expressions during ordinary moments, and transforming them into extraordinary photos. She's patient, works great with kids & pets, and was very accommodating with scheduling and location. I highly recommend her and can't wait for another session!"—Chiara Clemente


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